How to Put Your Own Music On Tidal + Hundreds Of Stores

Wanting to put your music to Tidal? With Music Digi, it becomes easy to put your music and upload your tracks to sell your music online. You get everything you that you earn with Music Digi not taking any of your royalty. It’s easy to put a single album or even a single EP on tidal. Keep 100% of the money from your streaming on TIDAL. Music fans love listening to high-resolution audio.

When you are putting your music on Tidal, it becomes easier for people to stream to your music and increase the chances of getting discovered by new audiences. Promote your music on Tidal without giving any of your money. Just at a nominal fee of $39 per year, you can post unlimited songs. You will get paid monthly having a wide network of online stores.

How to get your music on Tidal?

  • Upload music to Music Digi

Firstly, create an account on Music Digi and then upload your cover art for uploading all the tracks that you feel like getting on Tidal.

  • Putting music to Tidal

Music Digi helps in delivering music to all the latest streaming platforms for making your music known to the rest of the world.

  • Getting paid

When people stream your songs, then with every stream, you get paid. They put money directly into the Music Digi account. And you are paid instantly without any problem.

We help in giving worldwide distribution in all the major platforms across 100+ countries in the world. You will be getting 100% ownership and your music will remain yours only. You will be monitoring all the sales reports by giving in-depth sales reporting. Tap in with the artist’s support for assistance and distribution.

Simply visit the website and there you will be provided with various applications for putting your songs on Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, etc. You can upload as many songs as possible without any hidden costs. And there will not be any confusing price plans at all. You can easily manage your account or that of the artist’s accounts from the same account. The process is amazingly simple to put your music on Tidal.

Even if you do not have a label, it will not be a problem at all. It distributes to over 150 stores and streaming to over 200 countries. It offers an affordable and easy way of getting music all over the stores in the world. Music Digi tries to make your music available to fans easily. The team requires around 1 day for approving your songs and it is made available to all the customers in 1 to 3 days.

It makes available as quickly as possible and the revenue is generated mostly on 2 months basis. It offers simple and user-friendly service to all the independent artists for replacing in the exclusive process. It leads to the industry only helping artists in selling music around the world.


If you are a music lover, start with Music Digi and it will not disappoint you in any way!