Safe Drivers Course – The Best Way To Get Extra 20 Hours Credit In Your Drivers Log Book

A Good and Safe Drivers Course allows you to successfully qualify your license from learners’ permit to Provisional license (P-plates).  Practicing safe driving helps ensure the safety of you, your family, and other road drivers and pedestrians. Safe driving courses include safe distance maintenance, gap selection, and speed management of your vehicle.

LTrent is a driving institute that endorses Safer Drivers Course across multiple cities in New South Wales, Australia. They guarantee 20 bonus hours in your logbook after the completion of this course. They give safe driving knowledge through practical as well as theoretical means. They make learners practice with distractions and external influence to make them stay alert.

How Safe Drivers Course credit hours?

You will be able to achieve those extra 20 bonus hours after the completion of the course. But you will be able to have only one chance at it. After this course, you will only have to cross 100 hours of supervised driving before applying for permanent P-plates.

There are three ways to reach that 120-hour margin:

  • Safe Driving Course (20) + Supervised driving (100)
  • 10 hours Professional lesson (20) + Supervised driving (100)
  • Professional Lesson and Safe Driving (40) + Supervised driving (80)


Why enroll in Safe Driving Program?

Safe driving is very important not just for yourself and your loved ones, but also for the pedestrian and other people on the same road.

  • Guidance from experienced drivers

The instructors teaching the course are well qualified and skilled to pass down good driving etiquettes to new learners.

  • Additional safety skills

In regular driving courses, you will learn and practice basic driving skills of operating a vehicle, obeying traffic rules, parking techniques, and more. This course is an additional program for learners who want to gain extra caution for driving.

  • Learn to deal with driving distractions

In regular driving course sessions, they might not be making you familiar with the external factors in real life that can cause distractions. However, in safe driving programs they plan out an experiment where distractions are set for drivers. The course teaches drivers how to deal with those distractions.

  • Updates on changes in rules

Driving rules frequently change over a period of time. The course keeps the learners up-to-date regarding the current and latest changes made in the driving scenario.

Requirements for being an applicant for Safe Driving Learner

  • The applicants should be under the age of 25 years so that they are keen on learning.
  • The applicant should have a valid learner’s license with a 50-hour logbook entry so that they know the traffic rules. The logbook should show evidence of some hours of nighttime driving as well.
  • They should have a valid HealthCare Card or Concession Card for Pensioners.


Though the course for safer driving is a bit expensive, it is worth every penny to reducing the risk of getting into accidents and costing a life while you are in the driver seat. It enhances your skills behind the wheels.