How To Buy The Perfect Headphones For A Silent Disco Party

The concept of Silent disco came in 2012. It is a great way to host a small indoor party while keeping social distancing in the pandemic. This party idea offers plenty of fun and enjoyment to the event attendees.

However, to get the maximum benefits from the event, you need to invest in a good pair of headphones. This article serves as a buying guide that helps choose the best headphones for a silent disco party.


Like any audio equipment, the cost is an important aspect that you should consider when choosing an earphone.  Decide on a price range. It is recommended to choose the ones that fall within the mid-range.

A pair of good quality headphones will be anywhere between £20-30. Do not go for cheaper headphones that are not branded. They will wear off soon and will not give you the best quality. If you are looking to buy bulk headphones, choose Techxpress. This is a popular company that sells the best quality wholesale headphones at an affordable price.

You can even rent a headphone in three ways:

  • Dry Hire: Your chosen headphone will be shipped to you along with the setup instructions. This is an affordable way to get headphones.
  • Wet Hire: This is the ideal renting option for users who are organizing a silent disco party for the first time. In this case, a headphone technician will deliver and perform the set-up. He will demonstrate the execution also.
  • Turn-Key: In this option, you hire party equipment and DJs from the headphone rental company. You have to pay a price to get the premium party experience.

Decide The Pattern

Headphones come in two forms as “On the ear” or “over the ear”. Based on your preferences, you should go for the one that gives you the best level of comfort and convenience.  Both these patterns offer their share of pros and cons.

The good side of on-ear headphones is that they are portable and light-in-weight. On the other hand, over the ear headsets are designed to be bulkier and not portable. However, they offer more comfort, noise isolation, and sound quality compared to its counterpart.

Radio Frequency vs. InfraRed

RF and IR are the two technologies that are frequently used for the streaming of music to a wireless headphone. Both of these technologies have their share of weaknesses and strengths. IR-based headphones are perceived to be the best in terms of sound quality. They offer the best level of resistance against outside interference.

Their disadvantage is that they offer low penetration to the users. IR headphones are a good choice when you are organizing a party in the same room (no external interference).

RF headphones offer incredible obstacle penetration, good audio quality, and reasonable immunity against outside interference. This technology enables users to receive radio transmission that is not present in the case of an IR headphone. Due to this feature, RF headphones are ideal for hosting a silent party.


There is no doubt that headsets are the most necessary component of any silent disco event. When you are in the market to shop for the best equipment, the above points will help you select the best one.