CBD for Treating High Blood Pressure

Millions of people suffer from hypertension and it affects about 30 percent of young adults and more than 60 percent of elderly people. Blood pressure is the force in which the blood flows through the arteries. When the pressure is higher than normal, it is considered as high blood pressure.

High BP is commonly caused by high amount of salt, fat and cholesterol in your diet. If you don’t treat this condition for a longer time, it may lead to severe health conditions like, stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Though there are effective treatments available for controlling high blood pressure, so there are many side effects.

With the plant-based miracle herb CBD, you can experience a modest drop in blood pressure levels when you ingest them in high dose. Before we see how CBD works, it is important that you need to consult your doctor about including CBD in your daily routine, since it can interact with some drugs.

Vaping CBD oil or orally consuming capsules is an easy way of having your daily dose of CBD. However, to get the benefits of CBD in full, you need to buy genuine products. Finding a reputed and transparent supplier may be frustrating. To ease your trouble of finding a trusted online head shop, we recommend the Express Smoke Shop. By visiting their website you can easily choose the merchandize of your choice and enjoy a quick checkout.

What Is CBD?

CBD is similar to the endogenously produced cannabinoids of Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Of the many phytocannabinoids found, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a marijuana compound that has mind-altering properties. The second major cannabidiol is CBD, which is safe and doesn’t have the psychoactive properties.

CBD is becoming popular for its efficiency in alleviating so many health conditions. So many studies based on CBD also claims that it helps in treating a range of cardiovascular disorders.

CBD For Hypertension

Symptoms of high BP include, severe headache, fatigue, chest pain, difficult breathing, irregular heartbeat and pounding on chest. Mostly people don’t have any symptoms for high BP. Hence, it becomes necessary that you have regular checkup for your blood pressure. Talk to your physician, if you undergo any of these symptoms.

When blood pressure is measured, it gives two numbers systolic and diastolic. Former is the top number that indicates the peak pressure when the heart pumps the blood out. Later is the bottom number that indicates the pressure when your heart is filling with blood. Normal reading is written as 120/80 and is said as 120 over 80.

  • Prehypertension: 120-139 on top and 80-89 at the bottom
  • High BP stage1: 140-159 on top and 90-99 on the bottom
  • High BP stage2: 160 and above on top and above 100 on the bottom

CBD interacts indirectly with CB1 receptors of ECS and makes changes in hemodynamics. Studies are promising that CBD helps managing stress, anxiety and insomnia that are the main reasons for high BP. CBD has calming effects. When you can feel relaxed, automatically your BP level decreases.

When you consume CBD, you also get other benefits of this herb. CBD is considered safe even in higher dose, but make sure you consume quality CBD to avoid any undesired side effects.