Signs Your Commercial Kitchen Needs Replacement

Commercial kitchen owners already have a lot to do like handling establishment demands, creating unique menus, and maintaining equipment. It is easy for them to overlook small details like the kitchen mats. The mats were purchased before their kitchen’s grand opening and have been serving them for years. Some signs indicate they need to replace their commercial kitchen mats.

Commercial kitchen experiences heavy traffic

In a commercial kitchen, the foot traffic is heavy and destructive. This can add to maintenance and repair costs to the floors. Another issue is the slip & fall of an employee because of unsafe floor conditions. Placing kitchen floor mats strategically along traffic routes ad entryways can save the costly and appealing floors transform into slipping surfaces.

Ultimate Mats is a platform, where you acquire matchless styles and varieties of entrance mats, logo mats, kitchen floor mats, Waterhog mats, etc. if you are still not sure whether to replace the kitchen mats, then here are some signs that will help you determine.

Low traction

Kitchen mats keep your staff comfortable and safe on the job. The kitchen environment is dynamic and fast-paced. It is also prone to food, water, and oil spills on the floor. Kitchen floor mats offer the staff traction as they move around in a hurry all day.

Over time the mats wear out and the unprotected floors are hazardous. Never ignore your staff’s complaints about slick surfaces because someone might end up slipping and falling. If you notice low traction in the mats, it is time for replacement.

Torn edges

Due to heavy usage, it is normal that the floor mats will start degrading in specific areas. The spots where the cook stands show worn signs and the edges may start to crack. Torn edges are a recipe for tripping hazard to someone walking across, so it is time to invest in anti-slip floor mats.

Unsanitary conditions

Hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost significance in a commercial kitchen. Hundreds of people are served every week and a single food poisoning incident will be bad publicity that can damage your business.

The mats are easy to clean but using them daily for several years can make the material toughen up. It cannot absorb spilled liquid or oil on the floor. It turns into a thriving ground for mold development, which is bad as you will fail health inspection. Therefore aim to check floor mats periodically to ensure they are clean. If some areas collect food and liquids from the floor then invest in oil absorbent floor mats.

Employee fatigue

The success of a small or large commercial kitchen depends on the productivity and creativity of the employees. The chef and sous chef along with their staff spend hours standing on hard surfaces to serve guests. Their feet feel fatigued and it even leads to aches and cramps. You can invest in anti-fatigue mats for kitchen because it comforts their feet and they feel energized and productive.