Include Broken Link Building In Your Link-Building Strategy To Get Competitive Advantage

Building links for a website is a key step followed in every successful SEO strategy. However, there are many links in your domain that are not working anymore. You must fix those links immediately so that you do not lose the traffic that falls on those links. Such links are called broken links and fixing them can improve your website rating.

Firstly, you will have to find these such inactive resources, ask the webmasters to delete them, and replace them with newly created similar resources. This helps in adding value and refinement to the website.

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Why is broken-link building essential?

As an SEO, broken link building helps in building connections with businesses based on mutual trust. When you point to their broken links and provide free assistance in fixing them, you get some valuable backlinks for yourself.

As a result, your website visibility increases that improve the chances of getting organic traffic gives you a competitive advantage and makes you more noticeable in the Google algorithms by building domain authority.

Some of the benefits of the broken-link building are:

  • Since you have secured valuable backlinks, your content gets linked with relevant websites which in turn increases your authority and increases your chances of ranking higher in SERPs.
  • It helps in gaining more relevance than your competitors in the niche market.
  • It allows you to explore undiscovered websites and opens the doors to gain an entirely new audience.

How can we fix broken links to get better results?

While finding broken links on other valuable websites, we should also regularly check our websites for any broken links and fix them immediately. The following steps will help you in finding and fixing broken links easily:

  1. Using tools like Google Analytics:
  • Google Analytics is the most effective and easy way to find the broken links on your website.
  • Just log in and select the “All Pages” tab under Site content under the Behaviour tab.
  • Select an evaluation period which is usually a month.
  • Selected the advanced features under the Page Title option and choose that feature to be “404 Page.”
  • This will list all the broken links found within that period.
  • Export the list and fix them either by redirecting them to the right landing page or by replacing them with new resources.
  1. Tracking changes:
  • Use an Excel sheet to track the entire process of redirecting the link.
  • Alternatively, you can directly export Google Analytics data into a spreadsheet format.
  • This will help you in ensuring that there are no loopholes in your links redirecting process.
  1. Making a list of links to be redirected:
  • Now that you have the complete list of broken links either in an excel sheet or a spreadsheet, it is time to look into the reasons that got them broken in the first place.
  • If there are human errors involved such as typing a wrong URL, you can easily ignore them.
  • If these links have a high visit rate, fix them on a priority basis by redirecting them.
  1. Redirecting those links in the CMS:
  • Now, under the administrative head in your CMS system, use the redirect form to fix the links identified in the above 3 steps.
  • You will have to manually enter the broken link in the “From” head and the link to which it is redirected in the “To” head.

This completes the entire process of broken link building. It is a sure-shot strategy that works to generate valuable backlinks, higher website ratings, and a new pool of audience. When you get a pool of backlinks from high-quality websites, you also get domain authority that gives you a competitive edge in your niche market.

So, create a foolproof strategy and work to fix broken links with absolute precision to improve the ranking of your website on SERPs.